CTS - Centro de Tecnologias e Sistemas

Research at CTS addresses engineering systems with a cyber-physical dimension, including modeling and design, developing technologies and support methods, proposing adequate governance models, application and evaluation.

For the period 2018 to 2022, CTS intends to make substantial scientific and technological contributions to the development of the next generation of cognitive and interconnected cyber-physical systems. It is guided by an interdisciplinary objective along four development axes: (1) fundamental research, focusing on understanding and modeling the bases of systems and their behavior; (2) applied research, focused on solving societal problems in various sectors; (3) Training and advanced education, contributing to the training of doctoral students and researchers at the beginning of their careers; and (4) Creating social impact, promoting the exploitation of results and transfer of technology and knowledge, and initiatives to involve society in science and technology.

Research activities focus on systems with increasing levels of intelligence, autonomy and hyperconnectivity. This involves data-rich environments, distributed intelligence, mobility and autonomy, where sensing, microelectronics, embedded systems, artificial intelligence, computational intelligence and qualitative reasoning, robotics and automation, interoperability and collaboration, security and balanced collaboration between human systems play an important role . Global sustainability concerns, including energy efficiency and system optimization, encompass developments. CTS seeks an interdisciplinary integration of these multiple knowledge areas to cover the full range of abstraction layers, from smart devices to large systems of networked cognitive systems.