Seasonal School on Designing CHIPs for Embedded AI




 Seasonal School on Designing CHIPs for Embedded AI


The Seasonal School on Designing CHIPs for Embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI), hosted at UNINOVA Institute and NOVA FCT (Campus of FCT NOVA, Caparica, Portugal), offers an immersive educational experience, commencing with an opening day featuring renowned global experts in AI and chip design. Attendees will gain insights into the latest advancements and trends in the field from leading professionals.

The Opening day, on July 12th, from 10h00 to 17h00, is FREE of charge and NO REGISTRATION will be required to attend the excellent five Keynote Speakers.

The subsequent full week is dedicated to a hands-on course, where participants will engage in practical exercises and collaborative projects focused on digital design using Verilog and SystemVerilog for chip synthesis digital design flow. This intensive program aims to equip attendees with cutting-edge skills and knowledge, fostering innovation and expertise in the rapidly evolving domain of embedded AI technology. This advanced course, from July 15th to July 19th, has a limited number of attendees. Registration can be submitted at: https://forms.gle/Gvo6nQ85a8pjE7Nf6).