The scientific area of ​​Telecommunications is structured to cover three basic areas of modern Telecommunications: communication (in its aspect of signal analysis and modulation); telecommunications networks and systems; and propagation and radiation.

The aim has been to approach these topics with scientific rigor in order to produce results at the highest possible level. This concern also extends to postgraduates (PhD students and “post-docs”) and Master's students, who normally begin their association with the scientific area of ​​Telecommunications at the time of choosing their Master's thesis.

In terms of teaching, the Telecommunications area teaches in several DEE programs, including the Integrated Master in Electrical and Computer Engineering (MIEEC), the Master in Electrical Engineering Systems and Computers (MEESC) and the Doctoral Program in Engineering Electrotechnics (PDEEC). In addition, some of the subjects are offered to other departments, such as the Department of Computer Engineering.

The emphasis in elementary subjects (1st to 3rd years of the licentiate level) is to provide students with an understanding of basic concepts and principles, skills in their application and extension, the ability to understand and adapt to changes in the state of the art. , and finally, the possibility of making practical experiences in the various areas covered. In advanced subjects (4th and 5th years of master's programs, and doctoral programme) the research aspect begins to appear in the topics covered, as well as in the challenges that are posed to students.

The scientific area of ​​Telecommunications is involved in several national and international research projects, with the participation of its researchers and PhD students, as well as some Master's students in the dissertation phase. The effort dedicated to the research component has been distinguished with publications in prestigious international scientific journals, and frequent participation in the main international conferences in the scientific area of ​​Telecommunications and Communications Networks.

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