Robotics and Integrated Manufacturing

The subarea of ​​Robotics and Integrated Manufacturing comprises the teaching of two areas of knowledge: i) design, analysis, implementation and operation of robotic systems, and ii) study of technologies and methodologies for the integration of industrial systems.

The basic topics of Electrical and Computer Engineering covered are: Data Modeling in Engineering, Real Time Systems, Intelligent Supervision and Systems Integration. These are subjects that all Electrical and Computer Engineers should know, which are why they are dealt with in the Common Core of the course.

The specific part includes topics on robotics and distributed business systems (business networks) – Robotics and Virtual Enterprises. The specialization part includes Robotic Systems and CIM, Tele-robotics and Autonomous Systems, with the option of offering the discipline of Multimedia Information Systems, covering the so-called Internet technologies.

During the course final project, students have the possibility to apply and integrate the knowledge acquired previously with the set of subjects offered, as well as gain practical experience in new areas related to the themes of Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, Networks of Companies / Organizations virtual.