The Energy subarea is responsible for teaching two types of subjects: the physical bases of Electrical Engineering, and the technology of production, transport and use of Electric Energy.

The basic subjects of Electrical Engineering covered are: Theoretical Electrotechnics (foundation of the technology of the use of electromagnetism, from physics), Electrical Instrumentation and Measurements, Electromechanical Energy Conversion (introduction to electrical machines) and Computer Aided Design. These are matters that all Electrical and Computer Engineers should be aware of. They are dealt with in the Common Core of the course.

As for technological subjects, the specific part includes subjects of electromechanical drives (Special Electromechanical Drives and Power Electronics in Drives).

There is also the offer of the free option courses of High Voltage, Electrical Installations, Electric Traction, Renewable Energy Technologies, Energy Production and Transport, and Energy Materials Technology.