Digital and Perceptual Systems

The subarea of ​​Digital and Perceptual Systems, in its contribution to the common trunk, aims at the study of digital computational systems, in what can be characterized as from Boolean Algebra to dedicated digital systems, passing through the analysis of microcontrolled structures of general use.

The analysis of digital systems of small and medium complexity starts in the discipline of Logical Systems I, based on the modular decomposition of systems, is complemented with the analysis of microcontrolled architectures with different performances, and Microprocessors and with the achievement of digital systems based on programmable logic devices (CPLDs and FPGAs) in the Digital Systems Design discipline (where VHDL is used as a hardware description language).

The "hardware" view offered by the mentioned curricular units is integrated with the "software" view, which begins in the Microprocessor Programming course and is complemented in the Logical Systems II and Microprocessors courses (starting with the algorithmic view of the solutions and using the programming in assembly and C languages), allowing an integrated hardware/software view.